IP LegalForm® Pro-Net

LegalformPro-Net_2008_big.gifIP LegalForm® Pro-Net includes patent, trademark, and service mark forms accepted by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and, PCT forms approved for use by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). No more floppy disks and downloading! An automatic update service is available which significantly reduces the amount of work you have to do. The new program is updated monthly in contrast to the old program which was updated quarterly. It also includes the ability for all users to share all the forms and data. One person can begin filling out a form and another person can complete it; you can have your attorney check and e-sign your form and let you know its OK to submit it to the Patent Office. Forms within the same matter will share data and certain fields fill automatically, reducing the workload and error rate associated with filling out forms.

We are also changing the licensing structure for IP LegalForm Pro-Net. You will still need to purchase a license for each computer you plan to install the program on. Licenses start at $595 with multi-license discounts. The new update service will be billed on a per-user basis. The update service starts at $329 per user, but multi-license purchase discounts are available.

Activating a trial will allow you to try the full working version of the program (with updates) for 30 days. Click "Download Free Trial" to start the trial.


IP LegalForm® Pro-Net Multiple Item Pricing 
(all modules)

Quantity   Price per Unit   Total Price
1   $595.00    $595.00
2   $575.00   $1,150.00
3-4   $540.00   $1,620.00
5-10   $480.00   $2,400.00
11+       $5,000.00

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